1Air flow compromised by dirty grilles and filters can put additional and unnecessary strain on the compressor component of A/C units. Along with frequent filter changes, maintaining the ventilation systems work to extend the life of A/C units.

2Dirty, clogged grilles can create ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots within the premises. 

3Circulating air contains particles of dirt, dust, allergens and other micro-organisms. The particles are introduced into the environment from outside sources such as the entry doors being opened and closed, nearby construction sites, and illness of customers and staff. Maintaining clean return and supply grilles helps eliminate more of these particles from the circulating air, optimizing the breathing environment for everyone. Remember—if you can ‘see’ it, you are ‘breathing’ it!!

4Clean grilles and residue free exposed duct work and tiles enhances the “First Impression” you present to customers - a clean establishment!

5Experience a possible cost reduction in existing janitorial services, and employee sick days.

6Facilitate the pride of your staff - working in a visibly clean environment everyday!

7Provides a more overall efficient running system, which saves on energy costs.

8Can possibly reduce costly repair bills.

9The Grille-Master, Inc.™ is available to provide ceiling janitorial services as part of your scheduled, routine maintenance. Convenient scheduling keeps your interior environment clean & bright!